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Shu Uemura YUBI BLONDE violet perfector balm

Hair color treatment

YUBI BLONDE violet perfector balm by Shu Uemura . Yūbi Blonde Neutralizing Violet Balm neutralizes unwanted tones for a cool blonde. It is enriched with cold pigment from Japanese technology that counteracts copper and yellowish tones.

In addition, it contains the Japanese white peony, which conditions the hair fiber and provides hydrating and soothing benefits. This combined formula intensely nourishes hair and provides softness for a natural, shiny finish with a luxurious touch.

White peony is carefully harvested in the Niigata mountains, where pure meltwater and low summer temperatures provide the ideal climate for the purest, double-flowered white peonies to bloom. Shu Uemura has dedicated more than 15 years to the care and selection of these flowers ensuring a conscious collection to take care of this precious resource. For this reason, only half of the flowers are hand-picked from May to June.

Blond is the most vulnerable color, that's why Yūbi Blonde was born, the new range for blonde hair by Shu Uemura that focuses on freezing the blonde's state of grace. The state of grace refers to that moment in which we have just left the salon and the blonde is bright, luminous, nourished and natural. Yūbi Blonde helps to prolong this state in time to achieve an intact blonde.

Hair type
Dyed / Colored / Blond

Japanese white peony

Known as Shakuyaku in Japanese, the white peony is a symbol of purity and beauty in Japan. It contains great moisturizing, soothing and antioxidant properties.
Coming from the Niigata Mountains in Japan, the pure meltwater and low temperatures in summer provide the peony the ideal environment for the largest, double-flowered, pure white peonies to flourish, representing the characteristic snowfall of area.

Shu Uemura has dedicated 15 years to the process of selective cultivation of peonies, which are hand-picked from May to June and only half of the flowers are used, thus respecting their natural growth rate.

Japanese cold pigment

Inspired by ancient Japanese calligraphy, Mr. Shu Uemura was a pioneer and recognized for his intense and pure colors. This expertise that she developed through makeup, is transferred, for the first time, to hair care. A Japanese high-tech pigment, exclusive to Shu Uemura, which incorporates a greater amount of pigments and these are ultrafine, allowing colors to be more intense, neutralizing unwanted tones to preserve the desired cold blonde.

Types of blonde: For all types of blondes that seek to neutralize unwanted tones to preserve a cold blonde

Concerns: Appearance of coppery or yellowish tones, dry hair and lack of hydration

Texture: Creamy textured balm that neutralizes unwanted tones and provides hydration

1) Apply the appropriate amount to damp hair
2) Massage carefully to distribute the product evenly
3) Leave to act for 3 to 5 minutes depending on the desired level of neutralization
4) Rinse thoroughly with water

Neutralizing Violet Balm perfects blonde hair to prolong cool tones. Neutralizes unwanted tones and intensely nourishes hair for a long-lasting, shiny cool blonde.

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